Three Reasons Why Scrap Metal Recycling is Essential

The world is quickly running out of resources, and that includes metal. Individuals must make any effort to conserve the finite valuable resources before it is too late. Mining and production of metals take a toll on the environment. Ore extraction tends to leave behind ghastly holes in the earth and destroy vast ecosystems. That is why it's vital to recycle whenever possible. Here are three significant benefits of scrap metal recycling. [Read More]

Recycling 101: All There Is to Know

There are many benefits to recycling. First, it's a cost-effective waste collection and disposal method. Recycling also reduces the amount of waste in landfills; saves energy; conserves natural resources like minerals, water and timber; protects ecosystems; reduces demand for raw materials; reduces climate-changing emissions and pollution etc. Generally, recycling isn't a complex process. In addition, several recycling centres exist, and you can always find the information you need from them. However, it's imperative to understand better what recycling is all about to ensure you do it correctly. [Read More]

Three Small Household Items That You Can Still Sell As Scrap Metal

Every year thousands of tonnes of belongings are thrown out of houses across Australia. What you might not realise is that a lot of these that are made out of metal are actually not just garbage and can be worth a bit of cash. Doing this not only helps with energy consumption and reduces your overall impact on the environment, but it doesn't hurt your back pocket either. Not everything will be worth big bucks, but you never know until you get a quote. [Read More]

Key Benefits of Metal Recycling to Construction Companies

Construction sites produce significant amounts of scrap metal since the material is structurally stronger than other common building materials. However, scrap metal can be a blessing and a curse to a construction project; that is why proper management is critical. For instance, encouraging metal recycling at construction sites goes a long way in saving costs. This article highlights the benefits of metal recycling for construction companies.  LEED Certification -- The construction industry in Australia is expected to grow by 2. [Read More]